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Change in Monday Munch – 25th June, 2012

June 25th, 2012 No comments

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to today’s Monday Munch. If you are referring to this blog regularly you must be aware that in last week we planned some change in Monday Munch Programme. The change was, that we will be having different Monday Munch Programme for Designers/Developers. Leaders & Management so that we can have quality discussions and also we can save time.

The above planning was implemented today and we divided all our team members in three groups:

Group A – Freshers (Specially those who have less than 8 months of experience of working
with Avinashi)

Group B – Developers (who are working with us from quite a long time)

Group C – Leaders (who are leading different teams of different products)

Discussions were usual related last week updates, current week’s goals and how to achieve those goals. The motive behind dividing groups was that we can have proper time management. Secondly, certain points which are to discussed with Freshers or Developers or Leaders can be discussed to the point.

See you on Next Monday…


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Fun-Filled Monday Munch – 18th June, 2012

June 18th, 2012 No comments

Welcome Back!!!

Today we had a fun filled Monday Munch.  I am sure you must be wondering what kind of fun we had???Right??? Don’t worry we will disclose it in the coming paragraphs.

As usual starting of Monday Munch was done with our regular last week updates from all our team members. Apart from this we have decided that from next Monday Munch we will have different Monday Munch Programme Designers/Developers, Leaders, Management. We will have different time slots for all this 3 groups on Monday so that we can save time and also quality discussions can be made taking into consideration the teams who are attending this programme.

Also discussions were made on punctuality and one should follow the system and best practices accepted by company.

Now, coming to the enjoyment part today we had very motivating team building game where we all were divided in 5 teams randomly. Later each team was asked to find a good name for their team representing their team members quality. Simultaneously each team named themselves as:

  1. TEAM – Together everyone achieves more
  5. SILENT SIX – Believes in Simplicity

Later, each and every team have to represent their names in the form image from the things which they have with them For eg: Wallet, Pen, Book, Rings, Mobile Phone etc.  and then they have to use them and symbolize their names.

Everyone gave their 100% but there is only one winner and through voting “SILENT SIX – Believes in Simplicity” won the game.  The main aim to make them play this game was that every can get know each other better and also to enhance their team working skills.

Here ends our today’s Monday Munch Programme..Cya next Monday…



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An Interesting Monday Munch – 11th June, 2012

June 15th, 2012 No comments

Hi everyone!!!

Let’s discuss this week’s Monday Munch. This Monday i.e. 11th June, 2012 we had nice topics to discuss with us.

As part of our regular routine discussions were made on team updates. Apart from that we had two new topics for discussion and one surprise element for our team members.

Firstly, we had a discussion on first hand impression about usability of Windows 8 set up process. It was like case study for all the team members where everyone shared their views for the same.

Secondly, we had a discussion on The 10 Commandments of Egoless Programming. This topic was focused on Programmers behavior and also things to be kept in mind while coding. It also included topics related to rewriting of codes and change in coding.

Finally the surprise element for all the team members was Awards of the month. We gave awards to team members who deserved on the basis of their performance of last month. This practice we follow every month and declare the winners. To remain unbiased we give awards on the basis of voting made by other team members.

Following is the list categories and team member who received the awards:

  1. 1.       Most Outstanding Work : Mr. Shaival Mehta – Team Leader, Mobile Applications
  2. 2.      Workaholic Award : Mr. Mitul Golakiya – Team Leader, Flex
  3. 3.      Team of the Month : MeraCRM
  4. 4.     Ferrari Award : Mr. Maulik Vora – Team Leader, Cloud
  5. 5.      Arjun Award :  Ms Arti Rakholiya – Team Leader
  6. 6.      Helping Hand Award : Mr. Maulik Vora – Team Leader, Cloud
  7. 7.      Woman/Man of the Month: Ms Maitreyi Roy, Project Manager

It’s an HR activity to motivate all other team members to gain these awards and work harder.

Cyaa till next Monday….



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Motivational Talk – Monday Munch – 4th June, 2012

June 4th, 2012 No comments

Hii once again!!! Back from a fun filled weekend…

Let’s talk about today’s Monday Munch. As part of our regular routine every team member came forth and discussed their learning’s, problems faced in their work during last week.  In addition to this as it was first Monday Munch of the month of June we also conversed about the work done during last month and their achievements and learning’s.

From the above discussions we decided some action items to be taken into consideration according to their priorities. These action items were basically related to certain aspects of work in which some or the other team and team members were lacking.

Now, the most interesting part of Monday Munch was about to begin. As we have decided from last week regarding Inspirational Talk from one of the Team Member same way today we had Mr. Shaival Mehta – Team Leader, Mobile Applications who shared his understanding about the tasks assigned and gave some tips that how he accomplishes the tasks as per expected from him without any complains.

He shared with everyone the standards which he follows in his work one of which was
Trial and Error Method.  He also had some programming standards which he follows in routine for programming and coding purposes. One of his core competencies is plan before you execute any module so that bug ratios can be minimized. In this way he always maintains quality in his work.

Regarding research of any product or module he would concentrate more on keywords and if that doesn’t gives him proper results he will post on forums to get the answers and when this method also fails he would try and make it on his own. He always says one should always have an attitude towards accepting change and move ahead without resisting.

In a nutshell, he briefed all the team members about his working style, his role as a leader and how he is able to align his personal goals with organizational goals.

That’s it for today. See you on next monday with some new motivational talk.

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