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360 Degree Performance Appraisal System – Monday Munch 30th July, 2012

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Hello Everyone,

Today’s Monday Munch was basically focused on new appraisal technique which we have implemented for our team members at Avinashi i.e. 360 Degree Performance Appraisal System.

The main aim behind developing this technique was to take feedback from all the team members during performance appraisal of an individual. So that one can get true and fair picture for the team member because certain issues top management does not know but their team leaders and peers are well aware so such issues can be focused and we can derive best results out of it.

That’s it for today.


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Monday Munch – 23rd July, 2012

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Hello Everyone,

There is something new which we have started from last week. Past Monday Munch were basically focused on groups and teams where we always tried and aligned all the team members which each other also we tried to align their personal goals with organizational goals.

Now this part of Monday Munch is over, and the focus will be on individuals rather than groups or teams. Individually how he/she can contribute his/her skills and capabilities towards achieving organizational as well as personal goals.

Therefore, Monday Munch will not be conducted in the form of groups but individually we will try ourselves in sharpening the skills of individuals and aligning themselves with personal and organisational goals.

That’s it for today.


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Performance Mantra – Monday Munch 9th July, 2012

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Hello Everyone…Enjoyed Monsoon Weekend now back to work

Today’s Monday Munch was basically focused on all our routine issues and finding solution for the same.

To our Little Stars we gave them 10 points Mantra from which they can evaluate their weekly performance that how far they have reached.

Those 10 points were-

  1. Relation
  2. Skills
  3. Knowledge
  4. Situation Handling
  5. Observation
  6. Willingness
  7. Networking & Communication
  8. Time
  9. Mistake Monitor
  10. Mentorship

From the above points one need to calculate its average of one day taking into consideration all parameters and find week’s performance. This will help them to decide their future goals. Apart from this they have to decide their weekly professional as well as personal goal and finally at the end of the week they can check whether they were able to achieve it or not.

To our Young Stars we explained them how to work in team and also the art of getting work done from other team members. Last Monday Munch we had many problems which they faced and our effort was to clear them all and we were almost successful in doing that. This week we hardly had some problems in our basket.

With Shining Stars we discussed and decided weekly as well as long term goals for our team members as well as organization. Also we decided how effectively we can have daily morning meetings for different projects.

That’s was all for today…

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Respect in Culture – Monday Munch 2nd July, 2012

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Hello and Welcome to today‘s blog of Monday Munch.

As you all are aware that from last week there were winds of change in Monday Munch Programme. So, even today Monday munch was conducted in the same manner as last week.

As it was stated last week Groups were divided in A, B, & C. but now we have given names for the same

Group A – Little Stars

Group B – Young Stars

Group C – Shining Stars

Today’s Monday Munch was basically focused on Respect to be given in Culture to each and every individual.

With Little Stars it was discussed that one needs to respect everyone whether they are peers, leaders, superiors etc. Secondly, for their own personal growth they need to monitor the respect level they give to everyone, on their own. This will help them to grow in their career as well as personal life

With Young Stars topic was again same that is respect. It was a observed there was too much of transparency between a leader and its team which sometimes becomes to open for culture, which should be decreased. Also discussions were made on problems they face during the week. It was suggested that people should concentrate on their problems and try and minimize them so that they can work more efficiently.

With Shining Stars the main aim was to discuss about core part i.e. Releases which are not done on time. When the deadlines are given then too, some or the other obstacles crop in which does not result in to timely release. So, the goal behind this discussion was to find out which are the areas we need to concentrate and improve upon which will result into timely releases.

Also it was first Monday of the Month Awards were declared -

Most Outstanding Work – Mr. Mitul Golakiya (Team Leader – Flex)
Workaholic Awards – Mr. Pritesh Kachhadiya (Jr. QA Engineer)
Team of the Month – Scrubly Team
Ferrari Award – Mr. Shaival Mehta (Team Leader – Mobile)
Arjun Award – Ms Shweta Patel (Flex Developer)
Man of the Month – Mr. Maulik Vora (Team Leader – Cloud)

Congratulations to the team members keep up the good work!!!!

That’s it for today…cyaaa


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