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Best Practices for Coding – Monday Munch 24th September, 2012

September 25th, 2012 No comments

Hello Friends,

Today’s Monday Munch was bit technical and knowledgeable for all of us.

We started Monday Munch with regular updates from our Team Leaders. They came forth and discussed things learned and goals achieved during last week. Also goals for the coming week was planned and decided.

Later, a presentation and video was shown to all our team members related to Clean Code by Robert C. Martin. This video was basically focused on coding styles of a developer. The main aim behind this video was, that one should always maintain programming standards while coding, in later stage when anyone wants to review or change the code they can do it without any difficulties. Also when we don’t follow such best practices in return there will be problems in execution and it will cause huge loss to business as well.

The crux behind this whole presentation was that whether it is a team of designers or developers or QA or any other management team one should always try and follow its best practices which will result into better results.

Also we declared awards for last month:

Most Outstanding Award – Ms. Arti Rakholiya, Team Leader- PHP

Workaholic Award –  Mr. Daxesh Patel, Mobile Engineer – Trainee

Team of the Month – SMSBrain

Ferrari Award – Mr. Anand Lathigara, Technical Support

Arjun Award – Mr. Shaival Mehta, Team Leader- Mobile

Helping Hand Award – Mr. Piyush Gohil, IT Support

Man of the Month – Mr. Chintan Prajapati, PHP Developer

Congratulations to all of you. Keep up the good work..

That’s it for today…




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Team Building Session – Monday Munch 17th September, 2012

September 17th, 2012 No comments

Hello Friends,

Back from fun filled weekend!!!

Today’s Monday Munch was quite interesting with one team building exercise.

We started Monday Munch with regular updates from our Team Leaders. They came forth and discussed things learned during last week and also their goals for the coming week. So, that they get clear idea on their goals. Also things learned will be kept under Best Practices to be followed from now onwards.

Later, we started with one team building exercise where we asked each and every team leader to note down two pros and two cons of their own team so that we can understand their requirements and help the team to grow and give better results. We had a good and healthy group discussion on their points further which will help them to make their weaknesses as one of their strengths in future and their strengths to set as a benchmark for others.

That’s it for today…



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Self Analysis Session – Monday Munch 10th September,2012

September 10th, 2012 No comments

Hello Friends,

Welcome Back..

In today’s Monday Munch we had Team Spirit Session based on Self Analysis which was quite interesting and basically focused on knowing yourself.

We started with individuals wherein everyone has to write their one positive quality and one negative quality which will result into their strengths and weaknesses. As today in this busy schedule no one finds time to think for themselves. Later everyone will come in front and disclose this in front of everyone and others were a given one sheet wherein they were supposed to give their opinions stating how much they agree to the strengths and weaknesses of their peers. This was to be done in percentage.

The main aim behind this task was to make everyone aware about each other also after knowing their weaknesses we can motivate them and give them direction so that they can improve themselves. Also it will help leaders in knowing their team members well.

Everyone enjoyed this session later everyone will be provided with the scores stated by their team members. Also that person whose qualities are getting 100% from all other team members will be awarded for the same.

That’s it for today..

Cyaaa next Monday…


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Career Path – Monday Munch 3rd September, 2012

September 3rd, 2012 No comments

Hii Friends,

Today’s Monday Munch was basically focused on showing career path to all our team members. It was basically a brief discussion on the study of market and also about demand of freshers in the market. To add value in everyone’s career we have made career graphs and paths for everyone. The motive behind this is that each and everyone can see themselves growing and if they are not they can find out the reasons for the same.

The detailed discussion of this graph will be done on next Monday.

Apart from this today to motivate them and make them aware about the happenings in technology we showed them the video from TED showing “A headset that reads your brainwaves” which everyone enjoyed a lott.

That’s it for today..


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