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Dream Big – Monday Munch – 26th November, 2012

November 26th, 2012 No comments

Hi friends…

Today’s Monday Munch was started with updates and learning’s of last week from team members. In spite of their hectic schedule, team members found time to learn new things and they shared those leanings with everyone.

An inspirational video was also shown to all team members. The video was to evoke the spirit of dreaming big and to covey that nothing can stop us to reach our goal if we have the will and ability to achieve it. A person can achieve his aim if he/she works hard, no matter where he comes from, what gender or age he is of.

Everyone enjoyed the video and was encouraged to be focused no matter whatever their goals are and not to bother about other’s thinking.

That’s it for today…Bye.

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Teamwork & Leadership Session – Monday Munch 5th November, 2012

November 5th, 2012 No comments

Hello Friends,

Today we had a really good recharging session of Monday Munch. We started Monday Munch with regular updates from our leaders and team members they came forth and discussed things learned during last week. Also from last two weeks we have initiated many changes in our coding and programming styles then our traditional methods. Our developers have accepted these changes positively and which is in return is increasing our productivity.

Later we showed everyone one video where the importance of teamwork was shown also it indicated that in making any product the importance of even a smallest pin to a largest instrument is important without anyone you cannot make any product. Synchronisation is important in whatever work you do with a team.

Today to motivate our leaders we showed one Motivational Video from the international speaker and the topic was focused on Leadership Quality. The crux of this video was that Leaders should not focus on how many followers he has instead he should form leaders under himself because his leadership is tested during his absence. So when his followers do not perform well during his absence it’s a possibility that there is a fault in the leader himself. A Leader should be good communicator, good teacher, good attitude & should have a quality a building leaders under himself.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed today’s session. That’s it for today




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