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Failure – A part of Success-Monday Munch-31st December,2012

December 31st, 2012 No comments

Hi Everyone!!!

Today we had a last Monday Munch of 2012!!!  It was started with funny video as usual. After that, updates were taken from team members. Now we have decided to count only those learnings which are documented, so all team members documented their learnings and shared with us.

The other part of session was regarding New Year Resolution. We all seen video of New Year Resolution and decided to start New Year with more positive energy. To set goal is a great start for New Year and it increases the chances of succeed. Another inspirational video was also shown to teach that failure is a part of success. It was carrying the massage that failure makes us stronger and we should not be afraid of failure rather we should learn from it. We should always remember that there is wisdom in failure and we should not lose hope or stop dreaming. Success can be achieved by dreaming big and by working hard.

That’s it for today…See You next year with more positive energy and zeal….Happy new Year in Advance!!!

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Time Management Session-Monday Munch-24th December

December 24th, 2012 No comments

Hello Friends!!!

Today we had a very interesting session of Monday Munch.

It was started with a hilarious video and then other video regarding time management was shown. The motive behind the video is to learn the techniques for time management. It taught us the importance of planning and to categorize the work according to its priority.

Everyone must find time to classify their task according its urgency and importance. It saves lots of time and helps to complete task on time. Scheduling day according to importance of the work helps to save time for creative and productive work.

The other part of the session was for career growth. In that we discussed about the significance of knowledge and that it should be updated time to time. To flourish the career everyone needs to sharpen their knowledge. The bottom line is rather than focusing on quantity, focus should be given on the quality of work.

That’s all for today. See you next week.

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An Energizing Monday Munch-17th December,2012

December 17th, 2012 No comments

Hi Everyone!!!

Today we had a really interesting and fun-filled Monday Munch.

It was started with a fun game, in which all the team members were divided into groups of 4 team members each. The groups were told to decide a goal and make a strategy to reach the goal. All groups revealed their goals and planning. All enjoyed the game and learnt a lesson that long term planning should be divided into little portions to manage it perfectly. The other part of the session was about vision alignment in which, we discussed how to make the finest products in best way possible.

Later funny and motivational video was shown to encourage team members. The video was about breaking barriers. We don’t recognize our potential until we face challenges. The video was also conveying to leaders that they should help their team to overcome the limits.

Everyone enjoyed today’s session. That’s it for today. See you on next Monday with some new motivating session.

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An Thought provoking Monday Munch 10th December 2012

December 10th, 2012 No comments

Hello Everyone!!!

Today we had a fun-filled Monday Munch. It was started with a funny video. After the video we started with regular updates and the learnings from team members.

In today’s session we also discussed about the new structure of Performance Review.The Monday Munch was very thought provoking. The new policy will be more transparent and accurate which will help to evaluate performance with more effective to both the team members and management. The new policy was presented to all the team members and they were asked for feedback. As to evolve the team spirit, we involve every team members in all the decisions.

Today we also gave awards to the members who shined through their performance. For unbiased results we give awards on the basis of voting made by other team members.


Following is the list categories and team member who received the awards:

1.       Most Outstanding Work : Shaival Mehta-Team Leader, Mobile Team
2.      Workaholic Award : Mitul Golakiya-Team Leader, Flex Team
3.      Team of the Month : Moodlytics Team,MeraCRM team
4.     Ferrari Award : Priyanka Patel-Junior PHP Developer
5.      Arjun Award :  Rupali Thakur, Assistant-team leader operations
6.      Helping Hand Award : Forum Master& Chandni Desai-HR Generalist
7.      Woman/Man of the Month: Shweta Patel-Junior RIA Developer
8.    Debutant Award: Mayur Dabhi-Junior System Developer

It’s an HR initiative to motivate all other team members to earn these awards and work harder.

That’s all for today…See you next Monday…

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Hard work the key to success Monday Munch 3rd December,2012

December 3rd, 2012 No comments

Hello Everyone…

Today’s Monday Munch was started with an Motivating Video about success. The video was to teach the importance of success and to set priorities in life. It was conveying the message that there is no shortcut to success but only hard work can bring you closer to your dream.

The other part of the session was to take the learnings and updates from everyone. The team members try to learn new things to develop their knowledge and expertise in their field. All shared the new things which they learnt.

So, everyone was recharged to work hard with passion.

That’s it for today. See you next week.

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