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Career – life Planning – Monday Munch,25th March, 2013

March 26th, 2013 No comments

Hello everyone…

Today’s Monday Munch was started with the funny video to lighten the environment. Everyone had fun watching it. After that we have seen an inspirational video and discussed about the traits of successful people. There are some basic qualities that make ordinary people extraordinary. For success anyone requires hard-work and passion but not only passion, love for the work and persistence gives great achievement.

The other part of the session was about career – life planning. In this, we discussed all about the work we do. If a person works what he is good at that he might be earn more money but he can get bore with the monotonous work. Rather than that if a person works what he/she loves than he can be satisfied with inside. So every individual have to choose their path and decide their priority in the beginning of the career only. If you really want to win the game of life you have to balance it between the work you are good at, what you really love to do and what pays well.

So, that’s it for today…See you next week with some more interesting discussion.

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Team Work – Essence of Great Products

March 18th, 2013 No comments

Hii once again!!! Back from a fun filled weekend…

Let’s talk about today’s Monday Munch. Today’s session was started with the regular updates and learning from all the team members. In today’s session we set goals for the week. The pending tasks and reasons for the same were discussed.

Today to motivate all, Inspirational videos on team–work were shown. It is very important to forget the personal issues and work as a team to achieve great results. If we work together, we can reach to the goal speedily and easily. To build great products, great team-spirit is very essential. So, everyone was encouraged to work as a team and attain the goals more smoothly.

That’s it for today. See you next Monday with some new motivational talk.


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Awards of the Month – Monday Munch,2013.

March 4th, 2013 No comments

Hello Friends!!!

Today’s Monday Munch was started with the discussion on Awards for February, 2013.

Today we also learnt technique for concentration. We can do a small breathing exercise that can help to concentrate more and also reduce stress. With the help of these tactics we can refresh ourselves and can work more efficiently. For any developer, it is very necessary to get energize with the regular time intervals to work more efficiently.

The other part of the session was about learnings and updates from the leaders. All leaders shared last week’s updates with us. We have decided to share all the updates in Monday Munch so that all can have idea of the organizational activities.

We declared awards of the month to the team-members. For impartial results we give awards on the basis of voting made by other team members.

Following is the list of categories and team member who earned the awards:

1.       Most Outstanding Work : Mitul Golakiya – Team Leader, Flex
2.      Workaholic Award : Arti Chodvadiya – Team Leader, PHP
3.      Team of the Month : MeraCRM Team
4.     Ferrari Award : Shweta Patel – Flex Developer
5.      Arjun Award : Jaikishan Patel – Flex Developer
6.      Helping Hand Award : Pritesh Kachhadiya – QA Engineer
7.      Woman/Man of the Month: Rupali Thakur – Assistant-Operations Leader  

This is an HR initiative to motivate our team members to work harder and harder. That’s all for today.

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