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Changes are inevitable-Monday Munch,29th April,2013

April 29th, 2013 No comments

Hii Friends,

Today we had Monday munch after long time. The main intention of the session was to motivate the team members. The session was divided into two parts. First one motivational video was shown to convey the message that we are the architect of our own life and it is up to us that how we give shape to our life. So, in order to have a beautiful life we must give our 100% dedication to our work. We also seen the inspirational story of an eagle that we have to go through a painful process of change to get success. Everyone have to break their old mind-set and self-made barriers at one stage of life to grow and reach the desired victory.

The other part of the session was a journey of Indian IT Industry and its future. We learnt that the future of IT industry is product development and not services or BPO. Only product-centric companies will survive in the coming years. Being a visionary, Avinashi has already shifted its focus to product from more than 2 years. So our team members can learn and implement the creative ideas to develop software.

This is it for today; we will meet with some more motivational talk next week.


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