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Product World – Monday Munch, 26th August,2013

August 27th, 2013 No comments

Hello Friends!!!

Today we had a Monday Munch in a different way. There was no videos shown but we show a PPT about products and usability. For any product, it is very essential to take care of usability and user perspective. Making product really user friendly is most important than anything else and even if we have to change or re-work to make product usable than also it is ok. As customer is the real king of any market and customer – centrist products are easy to sell and generate revenue.

The other part of the session was about punctuality, discipline and delivering work on time. We all have decided to start working at 9:30 sharp. As discipline is the first step towards success. We all will try to deliver the assigned task without any delay. As delivering right thing on right time is most critical thing to achieve definite target.

Everyone was rejuvenated with this session and pulled up their shocks to do their best!!!

Awards of the month, Monday munch – 5th August, 2013

August 6th, 2013 No comments

Hiii Friends!!!

Yesterday we had an interesting Monday Munch which was started with an encouraging video. It was all about persistency and continues hard work to achieve extra-ordinary success. Continues efforts can lead to success and to achieve victory, everyone needs to do put all the excuses away and try our best with all efforts using heart and soul, then and then only a person can reach his goal.

The other part of the session was all about updates from leader and Senior developers. All shared the current status of all the projects they are working on. We also discussed the importance of launching right product at the right time, to win the market.

After that awards were declared on the basis of voting made by other team members.

Following is the list of categories and team member who earned the awards:

1. Most Outstanding Work Award – Hiren Ghoniya

2. Workaholic Award - Ketan Patel

3. Team of the Month Award - IT team

4. Ferrari Award - Yogesh Joshi, Junior Developer

5. Arjun Award – Shweta Patel, Nikunj Patel

6. Helping Hand Awards - Arti Chodvadiya

7. Man of the Month Award - Mitul Golakiya

8. Debutant Awad – Yogesh Joshi , Nishchit Dhanani 


This is an HR initiative to motivate our team members to work harder and harder. That’s all for today. See you next Monday…


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