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Synchronization essential for Teamwork – 64th Monday munch – 30th December, 2013

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Today’s Monday munch was quite interesting and knowledgeable.


Today in the beginning of the session we saw a musical video of legendary music composer A R Rahman.  In that video we saw the brilliant synchronization between the singers and musicians.  After that we saw another video which described the planning and behind the scene preparation for that song. These videos were showed to emphasize on the importance of synchronization in team work. It is important for a team to work in coordination and synchronization.

After that we discussed about our current and upcoming projects. We discussed about our preparation for IT Expo 2014. Updates were taken from the team members on current projects.

In the later part of the session holidays for the coming year were decided. As per our HR policy we don’t impose holidays on our employees. We give our team the freedom to choose their holidays by voting. Currently there are 7 public holidays which has been increased for the coming year. Every team member actively took part in it.

So that’s all for now…  See you all next year with newer updates… Wish you all a Happy New Year in advance….

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Some great advises to listen..Monday munch, 23rd December, 2013.

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Hi friends,

Welcome back to Monday munch. In the beginning of the session we took updates from each team member regarding the ongoing projects. Then we discussed about the upcoming projects that were expected to be completed in the current week. A discussion to plan all the projects were done as a part of upcoming IT event IT Expo – 2014.

In the later part of the session we saw a presentation, it was on the advice given by senior executives from some top IT companies on business and technology. The presentation was a collection of some brilliant advices from some great brains. Then we saw a funny video to lighten up the environment.

That all for today.. see you all next Monday.

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Clear path to great teamwork-Monday munch, 16th December, 2013.

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Hi friends,

Welcome back to the new segment of Monday munch. In the beginning of the segment we discussed about the updates on the current projects from the team members. New targets were set for the ongoing week. Pending tasks and the reasons for them were discussed.

In the later part of the session we saw a presentation on the three steps for clarity in work- purpose, plan and responsibility. We saw how important is team work to get better results. Even a person working in the lowest level of an organisation must have the idea about how his work will effect the people using it. It means that each and every individual should be responsible for their part of work.

So, that for today… see you next Monday with more interesting discussions.

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Attain self control to reach your goals – Monday Munch 9th December, 2013

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to Monday munch.  Today in the beginning of the session we saw the importance of exercising self control in our life.  How we should avoid distractions and focus on our goals. Avoiding distractions will not be an easy task and it can only be gained through regular practice.

In the later part of the session, we discussed about the progress of our current projects.  Each team member spoke about the work that was done in the previous week.

It was followed by declaring the monthly awards. The award list is as follows:

Most Outstanding Work – Shivali Patel

Workaholic Awards - Mitul Golakiya

Team of the Month – MeraCRM

Ferrari Award – Jayesh Jadwani

Arjun Award – Harshad Vala

Helping Hand Award – Daxesh Patel

Debutant - Khushboo Panchal

This is an HR initiative to motivate our team members to work harder and harder. That’s all for today.




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