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Excellence is must for success – 66th Monday Munch – 13th January, 2014.

January 13th, 2014 No comments

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to Monday Munch. We started our week with the example of leading luxury car Mercedes Benz’s motto –“The best or nothing”.


Then after we took updates from each team regarding current projects and also we discussed about the upcoming projects that were expected to be completed in the current week. After that we saw some steps to improve this New Year as a part of New Year resolution and also future planning of every month.

”Coming together is the beginning, Staying together is progress and Working together is success”. As we know “team” is very crucial part of organization. We may be strong as individual but together we are invincible. Later on we also learn how to work in Team and also how to cooperate our team member on deadline of project releases.

In the later part of session we discussed some of experience as well how to focus on goal and boost our energy.

So that’s all for now…We will get back to you on next Monday.

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Some great business advises by extraordinary people – 65th Monday munch – 8th January, 2014.

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Hi friends,

Welcome back to Monday Munch.

Today’s session was started by a funny video to lighten up everyone’s mood. It was followed by a presentation by some great business executives round the world.  They were giving  advises on business and technology. After that we saw some simple steps to improve ourselves in this New Year. Here we saw the month by month approach to introduce some healthy habits in our life.
In the later part of the session holidays for the current year were decided and confirmed through voting. As per our HR rule, we don’t impose holidays on our staff. We rather give our team the freedom to choose holidays as per their choice. After that updates on current projects were discussed.

In the last part of the session monthly awards were announced on the basis of voting by team members.

Most outstanding work: Vijay Kumbhani, Kiran Boghra, Operation Team
Workaholic Award: Daxesh Patel
Team of the Month: Operation Team
Ferrari Award: Unnati Patel
Arjun Award: Harshad Vala
Helping Hand Award: Shivali Patel, Yogesh Joshi
Man of the Month: Nikunj Patel
So that’s all for now… Will meet you all on next Monday..

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