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Good Service is Good Business – 68th Monday Munch – 24th February, 2014.

February 24th, 2014 No comments

Hello friends,

Welcome back to Monday munch. Today we started our session by a slideshow. It was about the journey travelled by Whatsapp till today. There we saw how Whatsapp made progress every time it took a single step further by keeping its users in main focus.

In the later part of the session we discussed about our ongoing projects. Then we talked about the top five things that we need to do in priority basis. Teams were appreciated for the work they did for the IT Expo 2014.

It was followed by monthly awards. The award list is as follows:

Most Outstanding Work – Shivali Patel.

Workaholic Award  - BizBrain Team, Nikunj Patel, Bhavin Dholakiya and Tahir Marfani.

Team of the Month – MeraCRM, Operation, HR and Content.

Ferrari Award –  Shweta Patel.

Arjun Award –  Nikunj Patel and Pooja Shah.

Helping Hand Award – Piyush Gohil, Milan Kevadiya and Daxesh Patel.

Man of the Month – Vedant Raichada.

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The IT Expo fever- 67th Monday Munch- 2nd February, 2014.

February 3rd, 2014 No comments

Hello friends,

Welcome back to Monday munch. We started our week with discussions and preparations on our projects for IT Expo 2014 which will be held on 14th-17th February at Vanita Vishram Ground, Surat .


This is our brochure for the IT Expo 2014. Our Expo theme is Gain, Retain and Grow. Our products representing this theme are SMSBrain, MeraCRM and BizBrain respectively. You can gain customers with SMSBrain, can retain them by using MeraCRM and can grow your business with the help of BizBrain.

With just 10 days left, we are all getting ready for the IT Expo 2014….

That’s all for now… we will get back to you on next Monday…