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The seven hurdles of a successful life – 70th Monday Munch – 10th March, 2014.

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to Monday munch.

Today in the session we saw an article which explained the reasons why people fail in life. We saw that basic skills to live a life are necessary to sustain in this world. Merely having good education will not help to get things done. It says that many people get less than what they deserve because they are satisfied by what they get. They don’t make an attempt to try a little harder and achieve more. Many people are worried about what others would think and stop themselves from taking a different step. People must try to follow their heart than trying to get fit into the mainstream. It even says that people think they are smart by the knowledge they get from education system itself. But the true fact is that people become smart by living smartly from different lessons they get from life. The article says that lack of interest in reading books along with lack of curiosity to learn more things hinder the people from achieving new things in life.

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Getting inspired from Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft – 69th Monday Munch – 3rd March, 2014.

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to the Monday munch.

Today in the beginning of the session we saw an article which mentioned the letter written by Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft to its employees. In the introduction letter Mr. Nadella has mentioned his plans that he wants to implement in the company. In the letter he had also given a detailed introduction about himself to his staff so that they can know him better, both personally and professionally. He says that family, curiosity and hunger for knowledge defines him.

Here he has mentioned that Microsoft does not respect tradition- it only respects innovation. Moreover he says”I knew there was no better company to join if I wanted to make a difference”.  He finally said that he believes any company needs talent, resources and perseverance and he finds all the three things in the company. So he hopes to take the company to the next level making a remarkable progress.

In the later part of the session we discussed about our ongoing projects. Reviews and updates were taken for the top five tasks which were defined in the previous week.

Thats all for now… will get back to you soon on next Monday.