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Regular motivation for better employees – 75th Monday Munch – 23rd June, 2014.

June 23rd, 2014 No comments

Hi all,

Welcome back to Monday munch.

In the beginning of today’s session new team leaders were declared and new teams were formed. They were congratulated for acquiring the new post and new team members were allotted to them. Later in the session we saw an article that tells us about the three questions that you need to ask your team to keep them motivated. Keeping a monthly meeting with your team will help you to keep them motivated.

In the later part of the session we saw an animated video which described about the ill effects of wrong sitting positions that we follow while using a computer. It demonstrated the correct positions for the same too.

That’s all for now… we meet you all next week.

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11 things you need to avoid saying in office – 74th Monday Munch – 16th June, 2014.

June 16th, 2014 No comments

Hello friends,

Welcome back to a refreshing week with Monday munch. Avinashi welcomes our new teammates on board.

In the beginning of the session, all the new team members were explained about the whole concept of Monday munch.  After that we saw an article which pointed out the 11 things that we should never say at our workplace.  It suggests that saying those things will create a negative image in the mind of those people who are interacting with us.  You must have heard the saying “The written word can be erased – not so with the spoken word”, so it is considered better to use your words carefully whether you are in a meeting or at a coffee table with your colleagues.

Later part of the session all the new comers gave their introduction to the team. Each of them talked about their educational background and about their hobbies. It was really a fun.

That’s all for now…

See you all next week… till then enjoy the rains… Happy monsoon.

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