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Avinashi at 9 years!

Time is running so fast! I can not believe that 9 years are already gone. Just few days ago, I heard from one smart guy that even if you don’t do something much bigger, survival is also a big achievement.

I still remember that we started Avinashi in one small office in Surat. It was about 125 square feet office and we were paying rent of Rs. 750 (US$ 18) per month. When we started, we were in to local business and mainly related to linux and Adobe Flash Platform. In a period of 9 years, we did almost everything that normal IT company does like Web Sites, Dynamic Web Sites, Web Applications, Rich Internet Applications and some other stuff like Video Streaming, Flash Media Server Programming. Luckily we got most of projects we worked on were products.

As a result of working on many products, Our culture became product centric and we were only accepting products not websites or normal stuff that other companies do. As of today, now we are only doing service business required to fund our product development. Also during this time, we built a great culture, best practices which is dream of any company.

At this time we would like to thank all of our respected clients and our team members who supported Avinashi and made it possible to see this day! Looking forward to do more adventures in IT products!

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