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‘JOBS’ – A flashback into the life of Steve Jobs – 71st Monday Munch – 31st March, 2014

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Welcome back to a refreshing week with  Monday Munch. Today’s Monday Munch was sweet and short. In the beginning of the session, we discussed about our ongoing projects. Updates were taken from team leaders regarding the same.

 In the later part of the session, we all gave farewell to one of our sincere and dedicated team member Nikunj Patel, who had become a part of Avinashi through his hard work. Avinashi Team wishes him all good luck for his future.

As a part of Monday Munch initiative, a biographical drama film on the life of Steve Jobs “JOBS” was screened at our office on last Saturday. The film depicts the strong professional character of Steve Jobs. He is shown as a businessmen who knows to make the best deal that he wants. His hunger for innovation is clearly depicted in the movie. After the film was finished a small activity was arranged where all the team members were asked to participate.


That’s all for now.. Will be back on next Monday.

Getting inspired from Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft – 69th Monday Munch – 3rd March, 2014.

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to the Monday munch.

Today in the beginning of the session we saw an article which mentioned the letter written by Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft to its employees. In the introduction letter Mr. Nadella has mentioned his plans that he wants to implement in the company. In the letter he had also given a detailed introduction about himself to his staff so that they can know him better, both personally and professionally. He says that family, curiosity and hunger for knowledge defines him.

Here he has mentioned that Microsoft does not respect tradition- it only respects innovation. Moreover he says”I knew there was no better company to join if I wanted to make a difference”.  He finally said that he believes any company needs talent, resources and perseverance and he finds all the three things in the company. So he hopes to take the company to the next level making a remarkable progress.

In the later part of the session we discussed about our ongoing projects. Reviews and updates were taken for the top five tasks which were defined in the previous week.

Thats all for now… will get back to you soon on next Monday.

The IT Expo fever- 67th Monday Munch- 2nd February, 2014.

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to Monday munch. We started our week with discussions and preparations on our projects for IT Expo 2014 which will be held on 14th-17th February at Vanita Vishram Ground, Surat .


This is our brochure for the IT Expo 2014. Our Expo theme is Gain, Retain and Grow. Our products representing this theme are SMSBrain, MeraCRM and BizBrain respectively. You can gain customers with SMSBrain, can retain them by using MeraCRM and can grow your business with the help of BizBrain.

With just 10 days left, we are all getting ready for the IT Expo 2014….

That’s all for now… we will get back to you on next Monday…

User Experience – a prime element of product – Monday Munch 26th November,2013

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Hiii Friends !!!!

Today we had a Monday munch to understand the significance of user experience specially when you are creating a product. Brands, prices etc. also play a major role  in success of any SAAS, but customers will retain only when they will have a great experience. So we discussed about some universal rules of UX . Some of them may not be applicable to every product but we can definitely use them with a proper contextual understanding.

In the other part of the session we seen some famous quotes said by famous persons. Everyone got a food for thought by these quotes. Among  them the most inspiring thought was ‘ Either Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.’ said by Benjamin Franklin.

After that, we discussed the planning and road – map of an upcoming mega IT event IT EXPO –  2014. Every leaders gave updates of their projects and decided goals for the next week. So, overall the session was quite inspiring and encouraging.

New Year Resolution- Monday Munch 11th November,2013

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Monday Munch

Hello friends,

Here we are, back again after short Vacation of Diwali. Wish you all a Prosperous New year ahead.

Today’s Monday Munch was  about a special session on Resolution on new year. The first half of the session had begun with an inspirational video explaining us about the Resolutions for the New Year. Every individual should take resolutions at the eve of New Year, so that they don’t commit any mistake in the upcoming year. With the help of these resolutions an individual can find growth.

Later it was discussed about the goals which are to be fulfilled. Goals are to be set keeping in mind certain criteria lie Flexibility, priorities should be clearly defined, balance optimism, etc.

In the later part of the session, awards were declared on the basis of voting made by other team members. The Awards are as follows:

1. Most Outstanding Work Award – Mitul Golakiya

2. Workaholic Award – Harshad Vala, Kiran Boghra

3. Team of the Month Award AnantBI

4. Ferrari Award Shivali Patel, Unnati Patel

5. Arjun Award – Shweta Patel

6. Helping Hand Awards – Nikunj Patel


This is an HR initiative to motivate our team members to work harder and harder. That’s all for today. See you next Monday…


Monday Munch- 28th October,2013

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Hii Friends,

Welcome back to Monday Munch. Today in the beginning of the session, we had a discussion about the last week performed activities. In the later part of the session a general discussion was conducted on the on-going projects.

In the last part of the session we played a managerial game which led us to the feedback of the Organization. Wherein we were asked to give suggestions and opinions regarding the organization. Through this activity the employees gets motivated and they perform their activities willingly.

And last but not the least, we had discussed about the upcoming projects and the tasks which are to be completed before certain time period.

Anyways we will be back very soon.

Have a great week ahead..!!!

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Problems v/s Solutions – Monday Munch 21st October,2013

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Welcome back to Monday Munch.

We had begun the session with a motivational video. The first part of the session was about “Turning Problems into solutions”. Everybody is worried about the problems which arise. They think about the past and get worried about the future. Instead, we should focus on solutions. The first part of the session was concluded saying that instead of getting worried and panic we should focus on solutions, rather than problems.

The second part of the session was about How to create “devoted customers”? Expectation and Experience are the two main aspects to create a customer devoted. ”The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing”. Finally, it was concluded that, Give your customers a damn good listening and bring him to devotion.

That’s it for today’s session. See you on Next Monday.!!


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Motivational Aspects – Monday Munch, 14th October,2013

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Hii friends,

We are back again with the MONDAY MUNCH. In today’s session we had a discussion about the motivational aspects. We had a presentation about the certain rules which are to keep in mind while performing the tasks. The main concern of the presentation was that to perform the task rather than waiting for the results. It is but natural if the task and activities are performed results are achieved.So never worry about results rather concentrate on the activity.

We also had a discussion about the targets which are to be accomplished within the given time period, and the upcoming projects.

The later part of the session was the Monthly awards given as under:

Most Outstanding Work–Mitul Golakiya

Workaholic Awards-Kiran Boghra

Team of the Month – MeraCRM + PHP

Ferrari Award–Shivali Patel – Junior Developer

Arjun Award–Shweta Patel, Tahir Marfani

Helping Hand Award–Lajras Gamit

Man of the Month–Harshad Vala


That’s all for today. We will meet next Monday. Have a productive week ahead!


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Smart work is better than hard work

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Hello Friends,

Welcome Back,

In today’s Monday Munch we had an interesting session of working hard vs. working smart. It is always better to work smart and achieve goals rather than doing hard work and end up nothing. We discussed the benefits of working smart and also the disadvantages of hard work without proper planning. Smart work with proper planning always pays more than hard work.

We also learnt the tactics of smart work through some case study. It was including plan for priorities, share the priorities and it is acceptable to quit sometimes when the work is not going to pay. The other things we can do to work smartly is to delegate non – productive work and to quit some time when it is not relevant.

The other part of the session was all about updates of last week and goals of next week.

Most Outstanding Work – Vaishali Sutariya

Workaholic Awards – Kiran Boghra , Nikunj Patel

Team of the Month – QA team

Ferrari Award – Hiren Ghoniya

Arjun Award – Shweta Patel

Helping Hand Award – Chandni Desai

Man of the Month – Mitul Golakiya

Debut Award – Vaishali Sutariya , Kiran Boghra

That’s it for today..

Cyaaa next Monday…

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Product World – Monday Munch, 26th August,2013

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Hello Friends!!!

Today we had a Monday Munch in a different way. There was no videos shown but we show a PPT about products and usability. For any product, it is very essential to take care of usability and user perspective. Making product really user friendly is most important than anything else and even if we have to change or re-work to make product usable than also it is ok. As customer is the real king of any market and customer – centrist products are easy to sell and generate revenue.

The other part of the session was about punctuality, discipline and delivering work on time. We all have decided to start working at 9:30 sharp. As discipline is the first step towards success. We all will try to deliver the assigned task without any delay. As delivering right thing on right time is most critical thing to achieve definite target.

Everyone was rejuvenated with this session and pulled up their shocks to do their best!!!