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Get better UI experience for your users – 77th Monday Munch – 21st July, 2014

July 21st, 2014 No comments

Welcome back to Monday munch.

Today in the beginning of the session we saw an inspirational video about a man who consistently helped others around him. The video points out that how a small daily effort by a man can bring change.

Then we saw slides which talks about the different laws that are important for better UI experience for a user. We saw the law no 5 – law no. 8 today that are important for better user experience.

After that we saw two presentations by our two senior team members. The first presentation pointed out the importance of leadership and clarity in a team for better results. The second presentation was about how cautious we should be while we are working on a project.

In the later part of the session monthly awards were declared. The award list is as follows:

Workaholic Award  - Revathy Nair

Team of the Month – E-Marketing Team.

Ferrari Award – Husain Parvez, Raviraj Chauhan.

Helping Hand Award – Nishtha Kahodariya, Vinita Katariya.

That’s all for now… will be back soon…

Have an energetic week ahead.

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‘JOBS’ – A flashback into the life of Steve Jobs – 71st Monday Munch – 31st March, 2014

April 3rd, 2014 No comments


Welcome back to a refreshing week with  Monday Munch. Today’s Monday Munch was sweet and short. In the beginning of the session, we discussed about our ongoing projects. Updates were taken from team leaders regarding the same.

 In the later part of the session, we all gave farewell to one of our sincere and dedicated team member Nikunj Patel, who had become a part of Avinashi through his hard work. Avinashi Team wishes him all good luck for his future.

As a part of Monday Munch initiative, a biographical drama film on the life of Steve Jobs “JOBS” was screened at our office on last Saturday. The film depicts the strong professional character of Steve Jobs. He is shown as a businessmen who knows to make the best deal that he wants. His hunger for innovation is clearly depicted in the movie. After the film was finished a small activity was arranged where all the team members were asked to participate.


That’s all for now.. Will be back on next Monday.

Some great business advises by extraordinary people – 65th Monday munch – 8th January, 2014.

January 8th, 2014 No comments

Hi friends,

Welcome back to Monday Munch.

Today’s session was started by a funny video to lighten up everyone’s mood. It was followed by a presentation by some great business executives round the world.  They were giving  advises on business and technology. After that we saw some simple steps to improve ourselves in this New Year. Here we saw the month by month approach to introduce some healthy habits in our life.
In the later part of the session holidays for the current year were decided and confirmed through voting. As per our HR rule, we don’t impose holidays on our staff. We rather give our team the freedom to choose holidays as per their choice. After that updates on current projects were discussed.

In the last part of the session monthly awards were announced on the basis of voting by team members.

Most outstanding work: Vijay Kumbhani, Kiran Boghra, Operation Team
Workaholic Award: Daxesh Patel
Team of the Month: Operation Team
Ferrari Award: Unnati Patel
Arjun Award: Harshad Vala
Helping Hand Award: Shivali Patel, Yogesh Joshi
Man of the Month: Nikunj Patel
So that’s all for now… Will meet you all on next Monday..

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Some great advises to listen..Monday munch, 23rd December, 2013.

December 23rd, 2013 No comments

Hi friends,

Welcome back to Monday munch. In the beginning of the session we took updates from each team member regarding the ongoing projects. Then we discussed about the upcoming projects that were expected to be completed in the current week. A discussion to plan all the projects were done as a part of upcoming IT event IT Expo – 2014.

In the later part of the session we saw a presentation, it was on the advice given by senior executives from some top IT companies on business and technology. The presentation was a collection of some brilliant advices from some great brains. Then we saw a funny video to lighten up the environment.

That all for today.. see you all next Monday.

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User Experience – a prime element of product – Monday Munch 26th November,2013

November 26th, 2013 No comments

Hiii Friends !!!!

Today we had a Monday munch to understand the significance of user experience specially when you are creating a product. Brands, prices etc. also play a major role  in success of any SAAS, but customers will retain only when they will have a great experience. So we discussed about some universal rules of UX . Some of them may not be applicable to every product but we can definitely use them with a proper contextual understanding.

In the other part of the session we seen some famous quotes said by famous persons. Everyone got a food for thought by these quotes. Among  them the most inspiring thought was ‘ Either Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.’ said by Benjamin Franklin.

After that, we discussed the planning and road – map of an upcoming mega IT event IT EXPO –  2014. Every leaders gave updates of their projects and decided goals for the next week. So, overall the session was quite inspiring and encouraging.

Product World – Monday Munch, 26th August,2013

August 27th, 2013 No comments

Hello Friends!!!

Today we had a Monday Munch in a different way. There was no videos shown but we show a PPT about products and usability. For any product, it is very essential to take care of usability and user perspective. Making product really user friendly is most important than anything else and even if we have to change or re-work to make product usable than also it is ok. As customer is the real king of any market and customer – centrist products are easy to sell and generate revenue.

The other part of the session was about punctuality, discipline and delivering work on time. We all have decided to start working at 9:30 sharp. As discipline is the first step towards success. We all will try to deliver the assigned task without any delay. As delivering right thing on right time is most critical thing to achieve definite target.

Everyone was rejuvenated with this session and pulled up their shocks to do their best!!!

Significance of consecutive hard-work

July 29th, 2013 No comments

Hi Everyone!!!

Today’s Monday Munch was started with motivational video in which we learnt that we should never leave our position before the tome. We should neither give up before the time nor celebrate before the time. There was another motivational video from which we tried to convey the message that for outstanding success, everyone has to work hard, not only that but also we have to work consecutively on daily bases.

The other session was about being more focused and accurate for task planning and task execution. To reach the goal, it is very crucial to do proper planning of week and accomplish the task. It was also decided that we will follow precise deadline for the releases and try to reach the defined goals without fail. The other points like how to save time by doing little changes in daily routine and significance of reading good books or articles were also discussed.

Today’s session was certainly an energetic one with little humor for which it was arranged. That’s it for today. See you next week with more motivational talk.