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Smart work is better than hard work

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In today’s Monday Munch we had an interesting session of working hard vs. working smart. It is always better to work smart and achieve goals rather than doing hard work and end up nothing. We discussed the benefits of working smart and also the disadvantages of hard work without proper planning. Smart work with proper planning always pays more than hard work.

We also learnt the tactics of smart work through some case study. It was including plan for priorities, share the priorities and it is acceptable to quit sometimes when the work is not going to pay. The other things we can do to work smartly is to delegate non – productive work and to quit some time when it is not relevant.

The other part of the session was all about updates of last week and goals of next week.

Most Outstanding Work – Vaishali Sutariya

Workaholic Awards – Kiran Boghra , Nikunj Patel

Team of the Month – QA team

Ferrari Award – Hiren Ghoniya

Arjun Award – Shweta Patel

Helping Hand Award – Chandni Desai

Man of the Month – Mitul Golakiya

Debut Award – Vaishali Sutariya , Kiran Boghra

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Cyaaa next Monday…

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