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Redefining freedom and innovation in work culture : Avinashi’s Monday Munch

What is Monday Munch?

Maintaining a culture in an organization is a tough challenge especially because the bases of a culture always need to be strong and core. Secondly, a business hub like Surat where Textile and Diamond Industries are dominating all other industries it’s a challenge for an IT company to make its place in the city. Avinashi’s strength lies in the following 5 pillars through which we develop and maintain our culture i.e. Quality, Innovation, Knowledge, Leadership and Teamwork. We believe in nurturing of our team members so that they feel proud working at Avinashi.

Aligning personal goals with organizational goals in return will help us to make a better team. In order to maintain the strength of the pillars and such core values we need continuous and regular efforts that need to take place daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. A weekly system works best for us as each and every individual can monitor and align their personal growth.

The first step towards such a process which we have inculcated in Avinashi is Monday Munch Programme. Monday Munch, as its name suggests is conducted every Monday where Avinashi with its entire team gets together and discusses about the Product(s)/Project(s) Details. Also leaders briefs everyone about their previous week’s updates, their learnings and also their goals

This refreshing and recharging event is conducted for almost 2-3 hours and we always try and gain 100% attendance and for those who have missed to attend Monday Munch can refer the recording of this event later for their reference

Why Monday Munch?

“Sharing is joy” and that is what we believe in too. During Monday Munch, we give an opportunity to each and every team member to come forth and share their weekly tasks and update the other team mates about their work. They share their learning’s which can be technical, behavioral or any other topics which they felt as their learning’s and can help others in their career or life.

As everytime we give chance to different team members to come and share their topics this technique has inspired all other team member which has created a good competitive environment at Avinashi. We hope that this continuous effort will help everybody in their professional as well as personal life. Apart from these regular discussions of tasks and plans, we also discuss some motivational videos, stories etc which we think would help Avinashi and its team towards managing themselves better.

Regardless of our busy schedule and tight project deadlines, we have never missed to conduct Monday Munch as it helps knit togetherness and team spirit. We strongly believe that Avinashi & Monday Munch should go hand in hand and hence we hope and will try our best for a lifetime existence of Monday Munch.

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