Careers Benefits

Statutory Benefits

Public Holidays

Avinashi provides 10 days company holidays to employees so that they may celebrate holidays and festivals.

And you know best part of this? Our employees decide days, that matters to them!

Statutory Programs

Avinashi will make the necessary contributions towards statutory benefit programs such as Provident Fund and Gratuity Fund based on Employee's selected package and freedom of choice.

Plan your salary yourself

We understand the financial requirement of the Employee and hence offer him/her a flexible salary package. What we mean by flexible salary package is, One can set monthly salary as per his convenience based on approved CTC.

Not just that be we also allow our employees to suggest any other ideas they have and even it can be different from our unique package system, We accept them if its beneficial to both the parties.

Minimum Guaranteed Employment

We also have another unique salary package system, where we provide all increments from beginning and they have complete chart of the salary receivable. This gives guarantee of said payments as far as their performance support it, even in any crunch company may have due to recession or so.

Leave Programs

Employees at Avinashi gets Sick Leaves, Casual Leaves and Provisional Leaves as per their quota based on their experience with Avinashi and based on Employee Agreement.

Paid Overtime

Avinashi believes to pay for each and every extra efforts employees do, so we also have provision to pay for overtime which is subject to approval from his manager.

Special Bonus

Avinashi believes in continuously motivating their employees, so keep awarding special bonuses to eligible employees time to time, which on top of everything including the paid overtime.


Eligible employee will get Life and Medical Insurance along with Group Personal Accidental insurance.


Avinashi offers eligible employees a monetary help in form of loans and employee can pay as EMI as per his/her convenience

Concierge Service

We offer employees to assist them for their bill payments i.e. Phone, Electricity, Gas bill payments.