CorporateBrand Avinashi

Our Name

The word “Avinashi” is derived from the Sanskrit word called “avinaashin” which means imperishable, a synonym of God.

Reason behind choosing such name is to take continuous inspiration from nature and god and whatever the highly integrated system, which we know as Life.When complex problems are solved with simplicity and integrate such solutions in normal life of people, that creates great value forever and that's what Avinashi aims for.


Do a profitable, ethical and honorable IT business to create value for all stake holders by constantly innovating, consulting and mentoring them to create growth, value and profit for them & their stake holders. We will also encourage and win healthy and ethical competition to keep improving us.

Our Philosophy

Trust, Ethics & Honor

We want that everyone associated with Avinashi should have trustworthy relations with us. We also want that we grow with ethics in mind.

With such transparent, trustworthy and ethical image we want that any individuals, employees, associates, vendors, businesses or society give honor to Avinashi by their heart and love to get associated with us.

Constant Innovation & Integrity

As part of our vision, we want to build Avinashi on the base of constant innovation. We believe that converting innovation into useable product or service is very important to make life easier. Hence we focus on integration of innovations with other products and services to solve real life problems.

Complex Problems, Simple Solutions

No one wishes to go through the user manual before they use the product or service. At the same time, people are also seeking solution to their problems. We developed and continuously developing art to design solutions in such a way that they solve problems without making solution complex.

Partner's Growth is Our Growth

Avinashi believes in everyone's growth who are associated with us. It's not just limited to our business partners but also to our team, vendors, partners and even customers. We strongly believe that if they grow, We will surely grow with them automatically.

Healthy Competition

Being innovative and expert in niche segments, We also need to improve ourselves constantly. For that we welcome healthy and ethical competition to make ourselves stronger and creative. This will be always beneficial to our customers.

We always give priority to our values to win the competition.

Profitable Business

Apart from all these values and our philosophy, we need profits to drive Avinashi. We believe in reasonable profit based on our efforts invested in serving them.