Get better UI experience for your users – 77th Monday Munch – 21st July, 2014

Jul 21, 2014

Welcome back to Monday munch.

Today in the beginning of the session we saw an inspirational video about a man who consistently helped others around him. The video points out that how a small daily effort by a man can bring change.

Then we saw slides which talks about the different laws that are important for better UI experience for a user. We saw the law no 5 – law no. 8 today that are important for better user experience.

After that we saw two presentations by our two senior team members. The first presentation pointed out the importance of leadership and clarity in a team for better results. The second presentation was about how cautious we should be while we are working on a project.

In the later part of the session monthly awards were declared. The award list is as follows:

Workaholic Award - Revathy Nair

Team of the Month – E-Marketing Team.

Ferrari Award – Husain Parvez, Raviraj Chauhan.

Helping Hand Award – Nishtha Kahodariya, Vinita Katariya.

That’s all for now… will be back soon…

Have an energetic week ahead.

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